Apple didn’t release the Wireless Charging this time. According to recent company updates, Apple’s engineers are busy on cable free solution for the next iPhone generation. Reports say they will soon release a prototype of this wireless charging to make it more stable in any situations.

Wireless Charging

Go Cable Free; Wireless Charging

Inductive charging is available on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 devices. It works with transmitter and receiver with two coils to transfer the power.

These patents can give us clues only about the future technology. Apple may ditch the 3.5mm jack because of new technology but are you okay with Apple’s decision? Even LeEco did this before Apple in the¬†LeEco Le 2 smartphone. However, LeEco is the company which is pushing itself towards the innovations but only according to Asian markets. They are entering into the global market by Super TV’s, not SuperPhones.

It was one of the most expected features for the iPhone 7 as Apple has the tech that works much better on the higher level than others. Now we can expect this Wireless charging feature on new iPhone 8 in 2017.