Apple may not produce the high amount of iPhone 7 series units. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, citing vague issues with “faulty components” as the central problem (via Nikkei).  If Apple is using the default schedule of launching the iPhone 7 then you may not get the High amount of units. According to reports, there are 10 million fewer units of iPhone 7 than iPhone 6S last year.

iphone 7 series

iPhone 7 Series :

“We estimate total iPhone 7 builds to be 74 (million) in 2H16F, compared to 84 (million) for iPhone 6s in 2H15. Together with pricing pressure, we expect most Apple food chain suppliers to see (year-on-year) revenue decline for the rest of the year,” via Pu

People are crazy for the new iPhone 7 series models. As there are so many rumors out there in the market. According to  sources, processor chips may drop up to 15%, and panel orders are dropping approx 20%.

iPhone 7 Series Release:

Yes, iPhone 7 will be a Big update over the iPhone 6 series. Preorders will start (approx) on September 9. New iPhones will be available in market after 16 or 23 September.