From last many weeks iPhone 7 is trending because of it’s rumors and specific features. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus even iPhone 7C as a mid range iPhone will be released according to recent leaks. iPhone 7 Black will be the new classic iPhone. The new iPhones will be announced in September event.


iPhone 7 Black Camera

According to Insider news the latest iPhone will be of same size the 4.7 and 5.7-inches. One important thing is Camera, Camera will receive an Higher camera upgrade. you can actually notice the slight bump in iPhone’s camera. Although It is something new after that camera ring.

iPhone 7 Real Logo

iPhone 7 Black Features | Rumors

  1. No 3.5mm Jack
  2. Dual Camera
  3. Improved Camera with LinX Technology
  4. Wireless Charging
  5. Unique Design this time.

The camera sensor on the iPhone 7 is larger than the iPhone 6 or 6s. That’s something amazing about they keep on hustling for the best. If they are using the LinX for their camera then It’ll be the most advanced camera device out there in the market. LinX is an Israeli-based company whose camera technology can compete the DSLR. with some very specific improvements with the help of LinX technology a camera can give the best results at low light, or in reproduction quality.

iPhone 7 black
Image iPhone 7 Leaks

However, there are rumors that iPhone 7 will be available in Black color also, will be named as iPhone 7 Black. In new iPhone there will be  no 3.5mm jack and wireless charging is reported. iPhone 7 will support dual- camera too, this was the earlier rumor. Apple still has few surprises for the young generation. It is possible that Apple will launch iPhone 7c along with the mainstream models. If it happens it will be the Unique milestone for Apple later this year. What you are expecting from Apple?[kkstarratings]