Apple released the new iOS 10 recently. We will share some best iOS 10 features in this article. If you have time to play around with the new software, please do go ahead. But for those who would like to dive into the new features right away.

Why iOS 10?

The all new Messaging app in iOS 10 is one of my favourite features within the update.

iOS 10 Features Normal

Best iOS 10 Features For You:

  • Scribble a handwritten message experience the fun of actually scratching a message with your fingers. The message that goes through is not just a static message, but the precise finger movement made while writing the message. All you have to do is switch to landscape mode while in a message to bring up the writing space. iMessage saves the recently sent message to be used again if required.
  • Digital touch a fun way to doodle a message or animate a video and photo, though it’s a little different. Gestures are implemented for animation in cool neon colours. Tapping two fingers will display a kiss whereas one figure tap will display a fireball; pressing and holding will show a beating heart and dragging a finger down this heart will make the heart break. There are more, but we leave that for you to explore. Interesting and fun!
  • Facial expression or emojis have become vital in communication. With more emojis added to the list, you can now send a message across without typing words. iMessage highlights words which can be converted to emojis. Lovely feature!
  • Stickers, bubbles and screen effects even more fun than sending an emoji is carrying a label. Already popular with other messengers, stickers can be added to text bubbles, photos or just stacked together. You quickly download them from the iMessage app.

IOS 9.3 Update

Bubbles are special effects or motion effect which can be sent with a message or as a message. It adds background animation while the person reads a message. Long pressing the send button while messaging will pop the bubble and screen effect menu. Floating balloons, falling confetti, fireworks, etc. are options available. Invisible ink is an option worth exploring.

  • Read receipt if there are some people in your life with whom you rather not know whenever you read their message in that case this option is best for you. Just tap on the ‘i’ of any conversation and choose your option to turn on/off the read receipt option. This does not work with the standard message option.
  • The multi-language option was always available, but using it just got easier with iOS 10. Now you can simultaneously type in multiple languages. Under the settings menu, open a dictionary and select all the required languages. Then add the matching keyboards while messaging.

How to Remove the Stock Apps in iOS 10?

Now you can safely remove some apps like ‘stocks.’ Tap and hold any app icon and a cross sign will appear enabling you to delete it. Just in case if you start missing them, reinstall it from iTunes. However, messages, Health, Safari and clock app cannot be removed.

Wake your phone in new iOS 10:

The rise to wakefeature is exactly what it says. Just pick up your phone and the lock screen will appear. Now, you can view all your notifications without pressing the home button. You can disable this from the ‘display and brightness’ section in the Settings menu.

You can also deal with the notification right from your home screen. The 3D touch helps you. So instead of opening an app to view a message; just hard press the notification to reveal the content of that message and act accordingly.


iOS 10 Features A Brand New Camera Design:

Apple has made very little under-the-hood changes, which are very amazing. First, as you pick your phone to see the lock screen (remember the ‘rise to wake’ feature); simple swipe left to reveal the camera and start snapping. Launching the camera just got easier. They shifted the button from top to the button. Thankfully, launching the camera does not kill audio. So, you can take a photo while listening to music.

Oh Yes! You can also ask Siri to launch your front facing camera by saying “take a selfie”.

What is new in iOS 10 Music?

The fresh new look of Apple Music also has a new feature to it. You can view the lyrics of the song that you are listening to.  Anyways Karaoke option is also there. Even you can read the lyrics at the same time.

How to Use Smart Home Management in iOS 10?

This feature may not be used immediately by many people. But Apple has already integrated a new app called ‘Home.’ It allows you to control your home from a single device by unlocking doors for you, turning the lights on and raising the blinds.

What is Voicemail transcription in iOS 10 Features?

Still in beta stage, but a very innovative improvement. Your voicemail can now be automatically be transcribed for you. These new super powers of iOS 10 are clearly more consistent, making every interaction more efficient and enjoyable. Article by knowyourhandheld.