Don’t even think about user accounts and system settings. These may be useful but a better way to ensure your children are protected from dangerous online contents is by installing Android-based child protection software or apps. If you are a parent to a child, you can utilise any of the below apps from both tablet and smartphone. Some of the parental controlling features may be set up on your PC.

You will get a full remote parental control Android app. Many of the below described parental control apps can be acquired free of charge directly from the Android store. Setting up most of the apps below is extremely easy and fast. Eventually, you will receive full access to your kid’s tablet or smartphone content so that you can regulate and control downloads or Google searches he can perform. A popular method of doing this is to replace the standard browser with a goal-oriented one. Ensure your kids are enjoying a safe Internet usage by installing and implementing one of the following apps:

PhoneSheriff: Runner-Up

You will enjoy a huge amount of control options.Especially for text monitoring and control, application management and location monitoring.This a good choice for parents who are seeking control over their kid’s smartphone usage.

Funamo Parental Control

A particular application designed to control a wide range of Android devices. It provides the option to ban certain sites, manage inbound as well as outbound phone calls, clean the browser and edit SMS. It can also act as a cell phone spy: spying your child’s locations is also an option with this app. The app provides the user on a daily basis with history data and logins.

Net Nanny: Best Parental Control Apps

Net Nanny is an app for Android. It delivers great parental control power of Net Nanny 7 on your kid’s device. Only the lack of some key features keeps it from being one of the top apps.

Kid’s Place: Best Parental Control Apps

This app restricts access to data stored on your smartphone. The customizable home screen shows only applications that you have authorised for your kid to use, and this prevents your child from downloading more applications, making phone calls and sending texts.It also blocks app purchases.

MM Guardian Parental Control

This app will allow you to block incoming texts and calls, control which applications may be used and when on your kid’s phone and monitor alarming texts.

Qustodio: Best Parental Control Apps

From blocking calls and texts to application management to website filtering, Qustodio Parental Control for Android will guard your kid’s safety on all fronts.

Kaspersky SafeKids – Kids mode

Created by the famous anti-virus company Kaspersky, Kaspersky SafeKids – Kids mode allows parents control and monitors their kid’s Internet activities that happen on an Android smartphone or tablet. It offers an option that other parental control apps don’t: Safekidsmay is used from another device with parent mode. This is extremely convenient as you can monitor what’s happening on your device.

FamilyTime Parental Control

FamilyTime Parental Control provides parents with many options: manage, control and monitor your child’s activities like calls, location, the Internet, application blocking, and many more options.You will also be able to limit screen time by defining rules such as dinner time, bedtime or homework time. FamilyTime works across all Android devices.

Kid’s Shell – Kid Launcher

Kids’ Shell is an app launcher that allows you to run only approved games and apps. You can create a safe area called “kid mode” and chose which applications should be available for children. The parent mode option allows configuring the launcher. Keep in mind to set the launcher as default for a home button.