Meizu Pro 6Overall design, PRO 6 continues the design philosophy Meizu phone all metal and glass 2.5D. According to the official statement, “day line” Design PRO 6 special shape and make it more iPhone 6s antenna area is reduced by 48%, which also makes it in terms of the proportion of body metal reached a 98% reduction in body thickness to 7.25 mm, this is the Meizu product line thinnest phones.

Meizu Pro 6 (2)Specifications for Meizu Pro 6

  • PRO 6 equipped with 5.2 inches Super AMOLED HD display brightness range 3nit to 450nit, the front bezel thickness of 0.715mm;
  • MediaTek Helio with a customized version of X25 10 core three clusters processor,
  • 4GB of memory of RAM,
  • 32GB / 64GB of internal storage space.
    Meizu Pro 6 Specs (1)
  • PRO 6 does not use the previous rumors of dual camera function. According to Meizu official presentation, the new PRO 6 using 21.16 million pixel camera, using a custom lens module and IMX230 sensor, the fastest 0.07 seconds of phase focusing; and rumors of a second camera, compared with laser focusing system, and equipped with the color temperature of 10 LED ring flash.
  • PRO 6 is also equipped with USB 3.1 and Charge 3.0 features support for 1 hour to complete 100% of the fast charge, full support for blind mating Netcom, VoLTE, HiFi Lite, mSound technology.
    Meizu Pro 6 Specs (2)The PRO 6 upgrade screen 3D Press pressing technology, operations and support more 3rd-party applications, and Meizu also announced that it will completely open 3D Press SDK interface.
    Meizu Pro 6 Specs (3)Offer to information, Meizu PRO 6 32GB version is priced at 2499 yuan, 64GB version is 2799 yuan; will be with immediate effect at Meizu’s official website accept reservations, Meizu’s official website, Lynx, Jingdong and other electronic business platform synchronized starting April 23.

    In addition to hardware products, Meizu also announced progress in Flyme and services.

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