Hydrogen OS 6.0

This new version maintains the original design for the “fast, stable and cheaper” basic experience systematically upgraded.

The specific changelog of Hydrogen OS 1.4 + Android 6.0

Experience Improvement:
Added to the management center, tape recorders, document management, eye pattern and desktop editing systems and other applications and functions.

Improved system stability:
Android 6.0 integrated applications: join Doze mode, intelligent power-saving help, it can reasonably control background application software startup and sleep, use and standby time are growing.

In addition, the new version has been a greater increase in the application of rights management, fingerprint recognition and other functions, APP opening speed has improved so much.

UI optimization:
Closer to the native Android look, use a circle, square, triangle-based graphics system, emphasizing the lively and dynamic collision color and facial interactive, full of personality and visual beauty.
In the conference site, plus a phone CEO Liuzuo Hu also revealed that domestic and overseas oxygen hydrogen OS OS will be completed at the time of the merger hydrogen OS version 2.0 release, users will at home and abroad will share the same underlying system, and for localization services the depth optimization.