Today many companies are offering discounts , promos and much more. we just discovered via report that some of the Paid Android Apps gone free. So, Here is a List of those Apps.

1. Apps2sd (Price: Rs 136- Now Free)

On High Levels easy-to-use and Procedural, Apps2sd permits you to manage your apps saving your device’s precious memory. With this handy app, you’ll have additional management over your ever increasing assortment of apps. This app isn’t wont to backup apps to Mount Rushmore State card however helps you to maneuver some of apps used area to Mount Rushmore State card. The app is sensible and helpful.

2. Birdie Falls (Original Price – Rs 216.85- Now Free)

If you able to defy gravity, then this is often the proper game for you as a result of that’s the aim of the sport within the addictively fun Birdie Falls. The aim is to undertake hymenopteron smudge the young bird against the preventative branches and do your best to be as precise and economical as a pixellated baby-bird will probably be.

3. Sales Price Calculator (Rs 53.81-Free)

Sales value Calculator could be a super sensible, light-weight app can calculate the ultimate value of AN item once subtracting the discount. Works excellent for those that like to search and additionally, is incredibly simple to use. Users got to merely add the worth of the merchandise beside the discount.

4. Click Wars (Rs 53.81-Free)

Click Wars app can settle those disputes together with your mates verity geek method. Whoever clicks the quickest, wins. Click wars additionally has an interesting single player game, wherever you wish to earn bonuses to possess any likelihood of posting the very best score attainable. It adopts lovely board graphics and also the game show offers it a artistic movement edge.

5. Shikaku ( Rs 271.74- Free)

Shikaku could be a brain teasing, set back puzzle game. If you’re an admirer of Sudoku and searching for slightly totally different puzzle game however equally diverting then you’ll love Shikaku. every puzzle contains a box with some numbers. the target of the sport is to put rectangles everywhere the screen specified every box contains one range and has a section up to that range.

Which is your Fav App?