Testers and Beta Users got the Android N Update and It is viral over the Internet. You may be looking for it’s new features.

Some of the Top Features of Android N are:

Direct reply notifications:
The RemoteInput notification API, which was originally added for Android Wear, now works in N for phones and tablets. Using the RemoteInput API enables users to reply to incoming message notifications quickly and conveniently, without leaving the notification shade.

Block Phone Calls at System Level

Bundled notifications :
With N, you can use the Notification.Builder.setGroup() method to group notifications from the same app together – for example individual messages from a messaging app. Grouped notifications can be expanded into individual notifications by using a two-finger gesture or tapping the new expansion button.

The Built-In File Manager is Impressive and Powerful

Direct Replies
Google has been playing with Direct Replies in their own apps, specifically the Android Text Messaging app Messages since they added the feature to Messages in April last year. With Android N, the ability to directly reply to a notification goes to system rather than app level.Bundled Notifications
Bundled Notifications are great. In Android N if you get a bunch of notifications from a single app, the notifications now show as a single notification which can be expanded if you want to deep dive into what each one is. Once you expand the notification with the familiar swipe, you can then choose to do something with it – archive it or if the developer has implemented it use the Direct Replies option.

Android N Top Features

Darker Mode or Night Mode is Beautiful

Quick path to app install
One of the most tangible benefits of ART’s JIT compiler is the speed of app installs and system updates. Even large apps that required several minutes to optimize and install in Android 6.0 can now install in just a matter of seconds. System updates are also faster, since there’s no more optimizing step.


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