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I am Mr. Techy or alternatively, Piyush Chopra. A tech comrade than a tech guru, I am here to simplify technology and bring technology to your doorstep so you can make the best use of what is around you.

I hail from the land of golden temple and golden hearts – Amritsar, Punjab but I presently reside in the national capital, Delhi.  I completed my schooling in Delhi and went on to graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Faridabad. I secured an excellent placement with HCL Technologies and I worked hard for five years and was the recipient of ‘The Excellence Award’. One would assume at this point that I must be satisfied and content in life but that was not the case at all. I felt I needed to change directions and so I did what any smart engineer must do to make his future brighter, I pursued my Master’s in Business administration (MBA) from the celebrated Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow) but there too, I did not feel a sense of belonging so I quit one fine night. I dropped out of IIM and left the corporate world behind me to run for my dreams. The same night marked the birth of my YouTube Channel ‘Mr. Techy’.

My channel ‘Mr. Techy’ is a one stop destination where you get gadget reviews, tech news, tricks and tips to intensify your love affair with technology. I believe the joy of being a techie is realized when we make technology easier for others and my channel aims to explain and review the latest technology for my fellow tech lovers. Not a believer of elitism, I produce all my YouTube videos in Hindi in order to achieve ‘maximum good for the maximum number’ so that more number of people can utilize various types of technologies as tools to make life simpler. On my channel, you can find unboxing and first look of products, reviews of products, the latest tech news and guidance and advice on understanding technologies such as the Turbo Speed Technology by Samsung,  converting your internal hard disk to an external hard disk to name a few among other things. Oh and not to forget, I also do exciting giveaways for my viewers from time to time! It is my way of thanking my audience for all their encouragement and support. In the past, I’ve done giveaways of cool gadgets up to ₹ 10,000!

You and I share our love for electronics and technology, else I would not be doing this and you would not be on my website. I’ve given up my career and big pay cheques to enjoy the adrenaline rush that this field gives me and I hope to exploit this opportunity to help you experience the same surge of enthusiasm.

I welcome you to join me on my journey to explore the tech world. To stay updated on all that happens in the tech world and enjoy the freshest content, stay tuned to the website, subscribe on YouTube and Follow me on Google+, Instagram, and Twitter. For business inquiries, please visit the contact me page.

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Mr. Techy

(Email: piyush@imrtechy.com)